Similar to “Choose Your Own Adventures” for kids — only greatly simplified and much spicier. These stories get nasty in a hurry, and are most definitely NOT for children!
Pick-A-path Erotica

What is Choose-A-Path Erotica?

Simple! It’s like the movie Groundhog Day, but with a sexier version of Bill Murray. That, plus ONLY the reader is aware that the scenario is repeating and thus can appreciate how wildly different each version plays out.

Where Can I Find These Books?

These stories are available (or will be soon) at most major eBook distributors:
Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo, and many more.

For direct links to my books on these stores, CLICK HERE.

Are you going to make these stories longer?

Honestly, I don’t know. As I see it, there are two possible ways I could do that: Comprehensive or Focused.

To tell a Comprehensive story, each chapter would lead to three versions of the next chapter. And that would add up in a hurry. Assuming I limit to just three choices, then Ch1 creates three Ch2’s, nine Ch3’s, twenty-seven Ch4’s, and so on.

The Focused route would be far easier. If I simply chose one of the possible outcomes as the actual event, then I could continue my little adventures indefinitely. Currently, this is how I’m leaning.

But for all I know, Choose-A-Path Erotica is a stupid idea. As much fun as I had writing these little adventures, what’s the point if nobody reads them?

So for now, I’m just waiting. If reviews start coming in and people don’t hate these stories, I will definitely write more—including extensions for existing stories.

Origin of Choose-A-Path Erotic Adventures