Dangerous DaveWhat To Put Here?

My first impulse was to spin some nonsense on this page about my having been a former NASA astronaut or CIA spook. Not as a serious attempt to fool anybody, rather just to give you a laugh.

That, or maybe I could have put something really goofy up here like having been a gigolo to the stars—dropping hints at having serviced Madeleine Albright (she was the horniest woman I ever met) and Ivanka Trump (not political, just a small penis joke). 

Ultimately though, I did not do that. Why?

Because the way I see it, if you’ve taken the time to come visit my website—and this page specifically—then you probably enjoy my stories and wanted to know a little about me. That’s super damn cool and I’m deeply, deeply honored.

So I decided not to be a dick and, instead, just be real on this page.

Truth is, I’m a pretty boring guy. I’m married, have been for almost twenty years now. We have some kiddos in elementary and high school, and our family lives in Florida. My education is in business, degrees in Finance and Management. My day gig is that of data architecture and web production, primarily building very large ecommerce sites.

When I’m not working or writing, I’m living the Dad Life. 

Every afternoon I’m helping kids with homework or shuttling kids to baseball, soccer, lacrosse, etc. On the weekends, I’m scrambling from game to game. On a good Saturday afternoon, I get to man the grill and down a beer or two with some other dads while the kids chase each other around and the wives hide out in the kitchen with wine.

Might sound lame to some folks, but it’s a good life and I dig it!

This is how I’m rolling, bitches:  

If You Really Enjoy My Stories…

Would you consider helping me out with something?

The reason I put up this website is that I am now taking a serious shot at becoming a full-time writer. My wife has agreed to a 70% trigger. The moment these stories start earning 70% of my current income, I can quit my dayjob and go at this full-time.

To do that, I need readers. Lots of them.

But I have a HUGE obstacle to overcome: I’m a nobody!

And the vast majority of readers won’t risk wasting their time on reading—let alone paying for—the work of a completely unknown writer. My only shot at overcoming this is if a few of the more adventurous readers—such as you—go back and leave a review.

You might not think your opinion matters, but it does. Maybe not to the Stephen Kings of the world, but it’s super important for little guys like me.

The simple act of rating a book (without a review) is extremely helpful, influences other adventurous readers to give me a try. Adding just a few words—even something simple like “Doesn’t suck!”—will send dozens of readers my way. And, of course, reviews that are very enthusiastic act as multipliers. 

Believe me when I tell you, the instant I have enough readers to pull the trigger, I’m going for it! Even with part-time hours, I have been very prolific. But imagine me going at this full-time. I’ll have a new story, pretty much every time you look!  

So please, if you dig what I’m doing here and want more, go back and shout it from the rooftop!

Whether you take the time to post a review or not, I am truly grateful that you gave me a shot. Thank you for reading my stories (and this page). I do hope you enjoyed our time together!