From Dangerous Dave

I currently have seven multi-chapter novelettes in the final stages of publication. I expect these all to roll out over the next few weeks. Beyond that, I have five more works in the editing phase and two new stories I’m working on. 

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From IB Wiggley

The next IB adventure to hit stores will be an alternate version of the Cuckold Series (chapters 7-12). Very soon after that I will complete the Uncommon Series, those final chapters are already in editing. So too is another installment for the Naughty Bucket List Series. And I am currently putting the final touches on one last IB story.

After that, my focus will shift (mostly) to Dangerous Dave.

Please Note

IB Wiggley and Dangerous Dave are both me.

IB is my older pen name and, under that name, I have about a dozen books out. I decided to include some IB stories on the FREE Stories page because my style has not changed, only the focus has.

Yes, all of IB’s stories are erotic. And yes, they are all also about ordinary people, living ordinary lives, who end up in unusual circumstances and having sex in ways they might never have otherwise imagined.

Only, IB adventures are much more… shall we say, naughty?

For that reason, I will NOT automatically add your email to IB’s list when you signup for Dave’s Newsletter. 

In the Member’s Only area of this site, there will be a separate form you can fill out to signup for alerts from IB… in case you end up enjoying those stories as well!